About Us

Our Purpose: To improve the quality of life, happiness, and well-being of all persons, but most especially residents of the City of Somersworth, through the democratic process of the government. All activities, programs, and undertakings of the Somersworth Democrats shall be for the public good and to further the purpose, goals, and objectives of the Democratic Party.

Executive Committee

Emmett Soldati, Chair

Crystal Paradis, Vice-Chair

Virginia Holt, Secretary

Cecilia Rich, Treasurer

Delegates & Ward Officers

At-Large Delegates: Gerri Cannon, Matt LeBlanc, Coty Donohue, Ann Hebert

Ward 1 Officers: Maddie DeSantis, Cathy Swain, Gretchen Swain, Matt Gerding

Ward 2 Officers: Edward Levassuer, Ken Vincent, Jennifer Soldati, Matt DiNola

Ward 3 Officers: Annie LeBlanc

Ward 4 Officers: 

Ward 5 Officers: Marjorie Colson

Want to join our committee or become a delegate? Contact us or come to our next committee meeting!

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