General Information

Though municipal elections are nonpartisan, the Somersworth Democratic Committee supports those candidates who best reflect the values and goals of the Democratic Party. Remember all politics are local politics.

State Primary (September 13, 2022): Gubernatorial, Executive Council, US Senate, US Rep, State Rep, State Senate and County Races

State + National Elections (November 8, 2022)

Municipal Elections: Somersworth City elections happen in November, every other year on odd number years.

Presidential Primary: New Hampshire is the proud “First in the Nation” Primary. After the Iowa Caucuses, we are the second state to weigh in on who we believe the next President should be. New Hampshire is a semi-closed primary, meaning that residents must be registered members of a party to vote in a party’s primary. However, they can register for the party of their choice to vote on Primary Day, and re-register for another party on their way out. Some independent voters choose to register Democrat or Republican to participate in those more competitive primaries and then re-register back to Independent.

The Somersworth Democratic Committee does not endorse any candidates who are running in contested primaries until after the results of the primary election are confirmed.

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