Volunteering is important for electing Democratic candidates come November! We also have a non-campaigning volunteer opportunity-our fabulous Garden Club!

Phone Banking
Head to organizenh.org to sign up to phone bank, through the Coordinated Campaign ā€” you’ll be contacted by Sam, our local coordinated campaign organizer, who can set you up with what you need to easily make phone calls from home! Community coordinators are needed to call Somersworth voters to make sure they have all the info they need to to make a plan to vote ā€” and folks all over the state also need to be called to make sure we’re reaching them with our message!

Postcard Writing
If you’re interested in writing postcards to voters with Senator Shaheen’s re-election campaign, please reach out to Jennifer West at jwest@jeanneshaheen.org

Grassroots Gardening Club!
After a COVID-hiatus, we’re ready to restart this effort cleaning up the VFW in downtown Somersworth! Home Depot granted gift cards are ready, and we just need a gardening plan and volunteers to help! 
KNOW ABOUT GARDEN? We need someone who knows about perennial plants to help us make a plan!
JUST WANT TO HELP? Great! We need general help as well.
Sign up for the Grassroots Gardening Club 

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