Voter Registration and Rules

Absentee Ballots: Anyone can apply to vote absentee this year, due to COVID-19 concerns. You can apply by either:

  • Driving up to City Hall’s drive-through window and asking for an application to vote absentee, or
  • Printing this form and mailing it to City Hall

Click here to see if your Absentee Ballot was received and accepted.

Registering to Vote: Residents who are 18 years of age or older may register to voter or make changes to their voter registration in the City Clerk’s Office. Residents may also register to vote at the polling locations on election day. In order to register, residents must bring proof of identity, age, domicile, and citizenship. A current State ID or Driver’s License can be used for proof of identity, age, and domicile. If your ID doesn’t have your current Somersworth address on it, you should bring a piece of mail. A birth certificate, US passport, or naturalization papers can be used for proof of citizenship. If you don’t have proof of citizenship, you will be asked to complete an affidavit. 

Voter ID Law: In order to vote in NH, you must bring with you a photo ID. The following are acceptable forms of ID: State Driver’s License, Non-Driver ID card issued by NH DMV, US Armed Services ID Card, US Passport (even if expired), Valid photo ID card issued by any level of US government, or Valid student ID card.

Any voter who doesn’t have an approved photo ID will be required to fill out a “challenged voter affidavit” in order to vote.

A voter can receive a free photo ID for voting purposes only by presenting a voucher from the City Clerk or the Secretary of State to any NH DMV office. 

Check out NHPR’s Election Guide

For more voting information from the City Clerk, click here or contact the City Clerk at 692-9511 or The City Clerk’s Office is open from 8 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday (open until 6 PM on Wednesdays). 

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