Somersworth Democratic Committee More Than Doubles In Size!

During elections held today, 3/25/19, we grew our committee by 112.5%!

The following folks were elected as Ward delegates:

Ward 1 Delegates: Maddie DeSantis, Cathy Swain, Gretchen Swain, Jameson Small

Ward 2 Delegates: Edward Levassuer, Ken Vincent, Jennifer Soldati

Ward 3 Delegates: Annie LeBlanc

Ward 4 Delegates: 

Ward 5 Delegates: Marjorie Colson

These new Ward delegates join the already elected Executive Committee and At-Large Delegates:

Executive Committee: Emmett Soldati, Chair; Crystal Paradis, Vice-Chair; Virginia Holt, Secretary; Cecilia Rich, Treasurer: 

At-Large Delegates: Gerri Cannon, Matt LeBlanc, David Arseneault, Ann Hebert 

We’re still seeking folks to round out Wards 3,4 and 5 — please let us know if you’d like to join New Hampshire’s fastest-growing Democratic Committee!

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